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Data Acquisition Systems And Their Construction For Human Terms

By Adriana R Noton
Data acquisition systems are also known by the acronym DAS and can best be understood by thinking in terms of the five senses and the way a human being interprets and manages data. We have our sensing organs, our nerves that send the data along to our brains, which interpret it in a way we can understand.

Documenting Visual Quality Controls on the Evaluation of Petroleum Reservoir-Rocks Through Ontology

By Felipe Ingletto Victoreti
The understanding of these controls is essential for the construction of models for the systematic characterization and prediction of the quality (porosity, permeability) of petroleum reservoirs during their exploration and production. The description and documentation of key petrographic features is an important tool for the evaluation of reservoir quality that try to minimize the uncertainty associated to visual recognition of the features.

Data Acquisition - An Important Factor in Any Research

By Adrian F Alexa
Data acquisition has become more and more popular among companies worldwide. Data acquisition can be used for recording wave forms and signals from several physical phenomena, like pressure, density, temperature, humidity, for studying seismic activity, weather broadcasting, manufacturing, wireless and PC data recording, water treatment, power and production purposes and also for monitoring, controlling and managing businesses. Depending on the purposes for which they use this process, companies must have a particular data acquisition software, to help them manipulate the information they record in a faster and easier way.

Data Acquisition Systems: Analog to Digital

By Jamie Doyle
Data acquisition and data acquisition systems (known as DAS) take analog waveforms, collected by specific sensors that generate electrical signals into digital data for processing. Most of the computers that we think about today are strictly digital but the first computers in last century were analog, so most of us are unfamiliar with taking analog waveforms in any form. (Think about the change in taking one's temperature - from the mercury filled glass stick that you stuck under your tongue to the digital ear probe; from analog measurement to a digital method.)

Data Acquisition In The Modern World

By Diana Valentine
Research has become one of the most important aspects of the modern day manufacturing world. Every process, from Medicine, to manufacturing, requires the use of data acquisition to back test the different components that add up to providing a healthy lifestyle to mankind.

Seismic Data Acquisition | 3d Seismic Data Acquisition | Pcmcia Data Acquisition | Naeva Geophysics | Pc104 Data Acquisition | Digatron Data Acquisition | Traqmate Data Acquisition | Paradigm Geophysical Corp