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Seismic Data Acquisition

Seismic Data Acquisition System For Design & Implementation Using PC104

The system for seismic data acquisition converting from analog to digital data has been integrated in order to develop an acquisition device. Contrary to digitizers currently used seismic data acquisition using PC-104 or industrial personal computers have been able to produce a more affordable digitizer (i.e. an analog to digital converter) which is proven to be able to overcome issues such as portability, efficiency and durability.

PC104 which was used in the study was Arbor production with Emcore n511 serial number within the operating system and the programming languages were DOS 6.02 and C respectively. This research resulted in the design of a prototype device which was based on PC104 and it created a program to record seismic data.

The program was compiled using Microsoft's Windows XP operating system using Borland C 5.02 software. The input range of the data acquisition system that was tested is ± 10V.

The performance test results showed a resolution of ±0.915 mV, a linearity of 0.2% full-scale reading, instrument work noise was ±1.2 mV with a maximum frequency distortion of 2%.

The instrument performed well at a rate of between 10 Hz to 5000 Hz. but the software had a limited capacity of only 1000 Hz. From the results of a comparative tests with Digitizer Güralp Type CGM-DM16R8, the value of the RMS error was 4.64%.

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Data Acquisition Systems And Their Construction For Human Terms

By Adriana R Noton
Data acquisition systems are also known by the acronym DAS and can best be understood by thinking in terms of the five senses and the way a human being interprets and manages data. We have our sensing organs, our nerves that send the data along to our brains, which interpret it in a way we can understand.

Data Acquisition Systems: Analog to Digital

By Jamie Doyle
Data acquisition and data acquisition systems (known as DAS) take analog waveforms, collected by specific sensors that generate electrical signals into digital data for processing. Most of the computers that we think about today are strictly digital but the first computers in last century were analog, so most of us are unfamiliar with taking analog waveforms in any form. (Think about the change in taking one's temperature - from the mercury filled glass stick that you stuck under your tongue to the digital ear probe; from analog measurement to a digital method.)

The Applications of DAQ Hardware

By Diana Valentine
DAQ hardware or data acquisition hardware is designed to act as an interface between the environment that is being tested and sampled and the computer that is to store the collected data. It allows the computer to interpret the converted analogue signals that were incoming as digital signal. It also allows for analog input and output and digital input and output.

Tackling Complex Reservoirs Through Systematic Petrographic Characterization

By Luiz Fernando De Ros
Despite the spectacular advances in seismic and log acquisition and interpretation, and in 3D and 4D modeling, the risks involved in the exploration of new, deeper, depositional, tectonic or diagenetically-complex prospects remain large. This, essentially because these sophisticated methods simply lack information on an essential part of petroleum systems: the reservoir. Most new prospects represent clastic or carbonate rocks with strong diagenesis.

Seismic Data Acquisition | 3d Seismic Data Acquisition | Pcmcia Data Acquisition | Naeva Geophysics | Pc104 Data Acquisition | Digatron Data Acquisition | Traqmate Data Acquisition | Paradigm Geophysical Corp