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Seismic Data Acquisition Videos

Here is a selection of videos about seismic data acquisition as well as easy to understand information and your questions answered about seismic data acquisition ...

Introduction to Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing Steps
This video is a general introduction to seismic data acquisition and processing steps performed to the data as well as some data examples acquired in the field with processing.
Read more about seismic data acquisition.

3D Seismic
One of the most powerful geophysical technologies is 3D Seismic where geophysical companies profile the sea floor and use sound to create images thousands of feet below the subsurface.
Read more about 3D seismic data acquisition .

2D Seismic Refraction Tomography Cordillera GeoServices
This video provides a full field demonstration about how to set up and perform a 2D seismic refraction tomography and gives a real example.
Read more about PCMCIA data acquisition.

Offshore Seismic Surveying
Some of the richest energy reserves in the world are just off US shores waiting to be discovered in a government owned area lying between 3 - 200 miles out to sea. An advanced exploration technique called seismic surveying is the first step to unlocking this precious resource needed to ensure USA's energy security.
Read more about Naeva geophysics.

Seismic Training
Read more about PC104 data acquisition.

Basic Geophysics: Introduction to seismic subsurface exploration
Can we look inside the Earth? This video is about the difference between seismology and seismics, the representation of different active and passive seismic sources, seismic receivers, applications in seismology and seismics.
Read more about Digatron data acquisition.

Seismic Data Processing In Geophysics
Seismic data processing in geophysics is about the well-known geophysical method for seismic exploration.
Read more about Traqmate data acquisition.

Vibroseis 3D Seismic survey
This video relates the first 3D seismic survey in Indonesia using a Vibroseis Truck.
Read more about 3d seismic data acquisition.

Operations video of the Vibroseis Crew
Read more about pcmcia data acquisition.

Seismic Imaging
Seismic imaging, also called "reflection seismology", is an exploration method that estimates the seismic characteristics of the Earth's sub-surface.
Read more about Naeva geophysics.

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Documenting Visual Quality Controls on the Evaluation of Petroleum Reservoir-Rocks Through Ontology

By Felipe Ingletto Victoreti
The understanding of these controls is essential for the construction of models for the systematic characterization and prediction of the quality (porosity, permeability) of petroleum reservoirs during their exploration and production. The description and documentation of key petrographic features is an important tool for the evaluation of reservoir quality that try to minimize the uncertainty associated to visual recognition of the features.

Tackling Complex Reservoirs Through Systematic Petrographic Characterization

By Luiz Fernando De Ros
Despite the spectacular advances in seismic and log acquisition and interpretation, and in 3D and 4D modeling, the risks involved in the exploration of new, deeper, depositional, tectonic or diagenetically-complex prospects remain large. This, essentially because these sophisticated methods simply lack information on an essential part of petroleum systems: the reservoir. Most new prospects represent clastic or carbonate rocks with strong diagenesis.

Data Acquisition Systems: Analog to Digital

By Jamie Doyle
Data acquisition and data acquisition systems (known as DAS) take analog waveforms, collected by specific sensors that generate electrical signals into digital data for processing. Most of the computers that we think about today are strictly digital but the first computers in last century were analog, so most of us are unfamiliar with taking analog waveforms in any form. (Think about the change in taking one's temperature - from the mercury filled glass stick that you stuck under your tongue to the digital ear probe; from analog measurement to a digital method.)

Partners & Suppliers in the Oil & Gas Services Sector - Part 2

By Hans Bool
The second part of the view on partner and supplier in this sector. Prosafe comprises a parent company and the business division Offshore Support Services, the world's leading owner and operator of semi-sumbersible accommodation/service rigs.

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